Hisham al-Hashimi

Hisham al-Hashimi was an expert on armed groups in Iraq. He advised governments and spoke in the media.  He was assassinated near his home Baghdad.  He had death threats against him from Hezbollah and ISIS.

Four men on motorcycles surrounded his car when he pulled up to his house. One of the men approached his vehicle and started shooting. There is CCTV footage of the shooting. The gunman got back on his motorcycle and drove off.

Hisham was an expert but he appears to have done what countless others have done under the same circumstances.  He didn’t turn his vehicle into a weapon and run over the man with the gun approaching his vehicle.  There is a book on detail driving that includes an analysis of many incidents and something that happens repeatedly is drivers fail to get out of the kill zone.

The bad guys knew where Hisham lived. They knew when he would be coming home. They had surveillance data on him. 

Consider taking a driving course that would teach you how to react in such an unfortunate event.  They silenced Hisham, but the people of Iraq will continue working towards a stable society – they have been at this far longer than most other people on the planet. 

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