Seal Team 6

According to the Daily Mail, Seal Team 6 rescued the missionary who was kidnapped recently in Niger.

On behalf of the faith based community, thanks guys!

kidnapping in Niger

Six men came across the border on motorbikes with AK47s and they spoke  Hausa and English. Most likely they had crossed over the border from Nigeria in order to kidnap the American missionary from the village in of Massalata.

The governor of the area told media outlets that the men took the US citizen with them in the direction of the Nigerian border after demanding money.

The missionary had been living and working in the area of Massalata for a year or more. The rest of his family seems to be fine except for the trauma of seeing their loved one taken.

Please pray for him.

Unrestricted Warfare

Unrestricted Warfare is a book you might have missed, published in 1999. It was written by two Chinese Air Force colonels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. The basic thesis of the book is that anything China does to bring down the US is acceptable – the doctrine of unrestricted warfare.

Qiao was quoted as stating that “the first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules, with nothing forbidden.” According to the downloadable pdf, the book was published before the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. Remember that incident? The US accidently bombed an embassy that was clearly marked on maps of Belgrade and excused the action by saying they didn’t know it was an embassy. The CIA targeted that strike – but to be fair, the embassy was broadcasting signals for Serbs.

What we forget sometimes here in Western Christian Civiliation is that before the cross, might made right. Powerful people could do anything they wanted to the less powerful. It was the church that imposed rules on warfare. This is an historical truth deeply embedded in our culture – so deeply that now sometimes people are held accountable for war crimes. Perhaps not often enough, but sometimes. The further we drift for our moral foundations of course the more these concepts are likely to fade away.

One of the ‘gifts’ that China has been supplying to the United States is fentanyl – a deadly narcotic. Either the drug itself or Chinese labs ship the chemicals for making fentanyl to the cartels cross our southern border.

The US had a record number of fatal overdoses last year – 36,500 were from synthetic opiods like fentanyl. There were others as well because fentanyl gets mixed into cocaine and methamphetamine. The total number of drug fatalities from overdoses according to CDC was 70,980.

Learn to use narcan and carry it with you – it will make you something of a combat medic.

kidnapped missionary killed

According to a report out today by World Watch Monitor, a Swiss missionary who had been kidnapped a second time in northern Mali has been executed by her abductors. The source of the information was a woman aid worker who was held with the Swiss woman.

The first time the Swiss missionary was taken in northern Mali was in 2012. She was kept for 10 days. She returned home to Switzerland for a time, but then went to Timbuktu to continue her mission work. She appeared in several films produced by jihadist groups during her period of captivity which started in 2016 this second time.

Pray for the others who are still being held captive in this region of the world.

Professor Patrice Nganang

How does a literature professor at Stony Brook end up in jail in Cameroon? He wrote an article critical of how the government is treating its English speaking people.

It turned out relatively will for the professor who holds dual citizenship between Cameroon and the US as he was expelled from the nation of his birth and told not to return. Charges against him included issuing a death threat; insulting constitutional bodies, specifically the military; and inciting violence in a Facebook post.

Be aware that foreign governments monitor your Facebook accounts.