Martyr Making 101

One of the strategies used to bring down a regime is to make martyrs out of civilians and turn the citizens against law enforcement.  We mentioned that in an earlier blog and now we have an example in Martin Gugino.

Martin was an activist and vocal about his beliefs. He has a YouTube channel and a Twitter handle #TooFarLeft.  On June 4, he wrote, “Protests are exempt from curfews because Congress (and mayors) may make no laws that abridge the right of the people peaceably to assemble and complain to the government. The government should receive the complaint with thanks, not arrest the people or beat them.”  Gugino tweeted “f*ck the police.” He retweeted “US police forces are the terrorist organization, not Antifa.”

Now take a close look at the entire incident between Martin and the police officers in Buffalo and what transpired both before and after he went down.  The police were charged to enforce a curfew. Martin has decided he is above the law rather than withdraw from the officers, he approaches them – cellphone in phone in hand, apparently videotaping.  What is Martin’s purpose?

In the extended version of the video, Martin approaches two young officers, cell phone in outstretched hand. Terrorists use cell phones to detonate explosives, and maybe the young officer was wondering about that possibility. Maybe he was just worried that Martin was capturing his name and sending it to someone who would pay his home a visit while he was on duty.

The video clip or still you might have seen was disturbing, the more so because it was snipped out of context. The chief executive officer of the state of New York said, “You see that video and it disturbs your basic sense of decency and humanity.”  The local head of the ACLU was even more eloquent, “The casual cruelty demonstrated by Buffalo police officers tonight is gut-wrenching and unacceptable.” A still from a video clip made Martin into a martyr, even the governor thinks so. If you watch the longer video, you find it took 20 seconds for National Guard medic to reach Mr. Gugino and render aid. Had Gugino been younger, he might not have lost his balance when pushed backwards by the officers.

After the two officers directly involved in the incident with Martin were suspended, 57 other members of the Buffalo Police Emergency Response Team resigned from their roles on that team. These officers were charged with clearing the square. Was it cruel of them to use force as necessary to do so?  Isn’t that why they are called law enforcement?  The protestors who wished to comply with the curfew had already gone home.

Mr. Martin Gugino was in the square to challenge the curfew and confront the officers, because in his published opinion, protestors are  exempt from curfews.

Recall the curfews came about because rioters and looters found cover for their nightly activities among peaceful protestors.  The curfew asked those who wanted to peacefully assembly to do so in the light of day, so the police could deal with the looters who come out in the dark.

Does Martin get a pass on obeying the curfew because he is an old white guy?  I know some of my readers are just that, old white guys. What do you think?

What happens if many more law enforcement officers across the land decide they won’t work on emergency response teams, won’t try and stop looters or control riots.  Where will that leave the country?

Exactly were we don’t want to be. If the local police are not allowed to maintain law and order, the military shows up. This is the playbook for creating a police state folks.  You think Martin doesn’t know this?  He is old, not senile.

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