pilot dies delivering corona virus tests

Joyce Lin was a remarkable soul, an MIT graduate who gave up a lucrative career in computing in the United States to be a bush pilot.  After her Master’s from MIT, she studied theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. 

She was flying COVID-19 tests to a village in the mountains called p.  She was the only person on board the single engine aircraft when she encountered technical difficulties and asked to turn back to the airport in Papua. She sent out a distress call, but the control tower lost track of her.

The 40 year old woman’s body was retrieved from Lake Sentani about two hours after the crash.  Joyce worked for Mission Aviation Fellowship taking humanitarian aid to some of the remotest places on earth, the jungle covered mountains of Papua.  She was carrying food, books and school kits along with the COVID-19 tests when her plane went down.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is a Christian organization that provides aviation,  communications, and learning technology services to more than 1,000 Christian and humanitarian agencies, as well as thousands of isolated missionaries and indigenous villagers in the world’s most remote areas.   Joyce had been with MAF for about three years.

Joyce Lin gave her life for something more important than herself.  Please remember her family and friends in your prayers.

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