a crime against all values

If you are monitoring the situation here on planet earth and wondering if Evil has been loosed to walk the earth, consider what happened to day in Kabul as a data point.

Gunman stormed a maternity ward killing newborn babes in their mothers’ arms.  The A spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Interior s called the attack a “crime against all values” and added “Any groups that are involved in such attacks are against all human and Islamic values.”

There are images of the victims circulating on social media.  ISIS has not yet claimed responsibility for the atrocity, but the attack is similar to attacks in March targeting civilians, one on a Sikh temple and another  an ethnic Hazara and Shiite gathering.

Who targets nurses, mothers and babies?  No one is more innocent that a new born babe.  This attack has all the hallmarks of the prince of this world.