Kim Jong Un?

Has the leader of North Korea finally met his Maker?  Rumors coming from that part of the world suggest that Kim Jong Un had heart surgery to implant a stent.  The rumors also say the surgery did not go well. China has apparently sent a team of medical doctors and members of the Communist Party’s Liaison Department to North Korea on Thursday.

An estimated 400,000 people in North Korea follow Jesus Christ and suffer great persecution on account of their belief.


drug traffickers

Not that we have any sympathy for them, but as it turns out, the lock downs around the world are even impacting international drug trafficking. Apparently they are even having a hard time getting the chemicals they need from China to cook up some of their products and having a hard time with distribution chains.  Demand for their products won’t go down, so we can probably expect prices to increase. That will possibly lead crime rates to go up as addicts try and pay for their desired goods.  The cartels are even reputed to be trafficking in hand sanitizer and other such commodities now.

Gita Ramjee, has died from Covid-19

Maybe you’ve never even heard of Gita. She was a South African researcher working on preventing women in some very vulnerable communities from contracting HIV. She also worked on the related scourge of TB.  

For those of you who work in Africa, the BBC has a Coronovirus in Africa tracker.  Today the continent has 234 confirmed deaths.