That is when Li Wenliang’s heart stopped beating ‘to shuffle off this mortal coil.”  He was the first medical professional in China who tried to warn other medical professionals that a hospital was treating 7 confirmed cases of SARS from Huanana Seafood Market. He reported the cases were caused by a corona virus and urged the people in his WeChat group – medical providers- to take protective measures.

On January 3, police interrogated Li for making false claims on the internet and he was made to sign a letter promising not to do it again.  January 7,or 8, Li treated a patient who was a shopkeeper at the Huanana Seafood Market for glaucoma. The shopkeeper developed a fever the next day.  Li himself came down with a cough and fever on January 10 and was admitted to intensive care at Wuhan Central Hospital on January 12.

February 4 the Chinese Supreme People’s Court ruled that eight Wuhan citizens should not have been punished as what they said was not entirely false.  The court said it might have been a good thing if citizens had believed the rumors and started taking precautions.

On February 6, while Li’s condition deteriorated. China Newsweek said his heart stopped at 21:30  on the 6th. This was posted to social media which was then scrubbed for a different version put out by Wuhan Central Hospital, “”In the process of fighting the coronavirus, the eye doctor from our hospital Li Wenliang was unfortunately infected. He is now in critical condition and we are doing our best to rescue him.” The hospital announced he died on February 7 at 2:58AM.

Li’s death created a ripple through Chinese society which the officials are trying to manage.  Even Chinese academics have reprimanded the government over this.  One calling the viral outbreak a man-made disaster.

Pray for Li’s wife, his son and unborn child.

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