Wuhan China has just been locked down.  Bus, subway, ferry, and long-distance transportation was shut down at 1000 local time on 23 January.  People can of course still drive out of the city perhaps.

Late on Wednesday, Chinese authorities confirmed the number of dead had almost doubled in the space of a day.  WHO hasn’t decided yet whether to declare a public health emergency.  China seems to be trying to avoid that happening. The National Health Commission vice-Minister told people, don’t go to Wuhan, and if you are in Wuhan, don’t leave.  Person-to-person transmission of the virus has been confirmed.

Signs of infection with the new virus look similar to many other viral infections going around now, including respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Lunar New Year is coming up in China, when millions of people are traveling. So this was a good call on the part of the Chinese government.  But the virus has already winged its way out of China.

This event should reinforce the necessity of being able to shelter in place, wherever you are.

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