tragic day at Texas church of Christ

Just six seconds, according to news reports, is how long the incident lasted at the West Freeway Church of Christ near Fort Worth.  About 250 people were taking communion when a man stood up pulled out a shotgun and fired three shots.

The shooter killed two members of the congregation before he was shot and killed by an armed member of the congregation.  In fact, several members of the congregation pulled guns after the shots were fired.

After a horrific slaughter at at a small Baptist church in Sutherland Springs killed 26 people, Texas passed a bill in September that allows licensed handgun owners to carry those weapons in church buildings, synagogues and other places where people gather for religious services.

The services were live streamed, as always.   A video of the event is circulating on the internet.  No motive for the shooting has been identified yet.


Trafficking Women

Associated Press says 692 Pakistani women, mostly teenage girls, have been trafficked to  China to be brides.  Many of them are from the poorest group in Pakistan, Christians.

The case of against their traffickers has fallen apart. The women who were to testify were bribed or threatened so the perpetrators were acquitted.  The governments of Pakistan and China put pressure on investigators to drop the case, according to the AP.

In this world, evil sometimes triumphs, but justice will be served in the end.